Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

Everyone wants to look their best at prom. Some girls dream of their prom dress just like they do with wedding dresses. Prom is a time to look great, feel great and get great pictures. Gowns are not only for prom. Some people need to get gowns for military balls, weddings, formals, galas and other black tie events.
With so many different prom styles it can be hard to know where to start. It's helpful to have a guide to show you everything you need to know. Every social-savvy gal knows how important it is to get the best look, the best pic, and sometimes the best story. Prom dresses come in so many different colors, cuts, and shapes, that it's important to know what will make or break the outfit. It's all about the dress but the shoes and accessories help form the look you are going for. In this prom guide I will be breaking down styles of dress, cuts of dress, and necklines. I will also be discussing how important shoes and accessories are for your look. Last but not least I will talk about hair, makeup, and nails!

The Dress


Prom is much more than a party. I hear people tell me all the time they wish they could have prom again or that they wish adults had prom. The prom dress is one of the most important parts about the prom experience. Prom dresses have so many different types of looks some gowns are tight, some have full skirts, some have embellishments, sparkles, and lace.


Dress Shape Guide:


Ball Gown


This silhouette has a fitted top with a very full skirt at the bottom. This style is the silhouette for anyone who has ever wanted to feel like a princess

Fit & Flare

Fit and flare dresses have a fitted bodice and a flared skirt that starts just below the hip.


Mermaid gowns create an enchanting shape with an extremely fitted style. Fitted from the bust to the knee, where the fabric then starts to flare out into a romantic skirt. Unlike Fit and Flare or Trumpet dresses, Mermaid gowns flare immediately at or below the knee.


This look features a fitted bodice that gradually starts to flare out, beginning at the hips. As the name suggests, the skirt resembles the shape of a trumpet’s bell.



Follows the natural flow and shape of the body, creating a narrow form from the neckline down to the hem. Sheath dresses are typically lighter than dresses that feature fuller skirts.


The A-line is very similar to the ball gown with a slimmer skirt. Has a fitted bodice throughout the waist and hips with a skirt that gradually gets wider to create a beautiful A-shaped silhouette.




These dresses feature a captivating see-through neckline or bodice made of a sheer mesh material and usually have embellishments and bold cutouts to create a stunning look.


Off-the-shoulder prom dresses have an exceptional neckline that helps show off a modest amount of skin. This style features a bit of classic flair with their delicate and small sleeves and unique silhouette.


These styles ignore the traditional long hemline and go for a more laid-back length. Short prom dresses have just as much personality as the classic long ones, without all the skirt.

High Neck

These designs are polished and refined and turn heads with their embellished necklines.

Two Piece

These midriff-baring styles, also feature options on the modest side as well. Two-piece prom dresses get rid of the conventional one piece silhouette and offer a look that’s distinct and unique.

The Body

Now let’s talk about different body types. Every body is a prom body and everyone should feel amazing in the dress they find. The purpose of this guide is to show you what looks best but what looks best is what you feel good in.



This body shape carries weight in the middle section with a smaller waistline and slimmer legs. Dresses like an empire waist line or have embellished tops help give attention to the upper body and balance out the look. A-line gowns with fuller skirts also look amazing on the apple body shape. Dresses that have some ruching can help create a slimmer midsection.



The pear shape is a very versatile body shape. This shape features a wide hip area, small bust and defined waist. Ball gowns and a-lines help accentuate the hips. Strapless tops, thin straps, and corset tops all suit the pear shape very well. Very similar to a triangle shape.

Inverted Triangle

V-necklines are very flattering for triangle body shape because they accentuate the neck and draw attention away from the broad shoulders. Balance happens when a triangle-shaped dress meets an inverted triangle frame. Other gowns like fit-and-flares, midi, and sheath look stunning on inverted triangle body shapes.


Busty body types have a larger bust area, hence the name. With an undefined waist and narrow hips, avoid shorter dresses, they create unbalance for your body type. This shape is a lot like the inverted triangle


Fit-and-flare are a great shape for the square body shape. The fitted waist defines your midsection, while the roomier skirt adds a little bounce to every step you take. A flowy gown with a belt can create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Ruched gowns or puff sleeves help create a nice look for this body shape.


This figure is proportionate in the bust and hips, often with long legs. Natural waistlines, form-fitting tops, dresses with v- or open-necklines,fit-and-flare, sheath, or wrap dresses look great on hourglass figures. Another look for the hourglass figure is a jumpsuit. It's not a dress but they still allow all your curves to show off.


Petite body types are often under 5’4. Dresses that show off your legs like high lows, short dresses or dresses with slits help create the illusion of length. Dresses that are slim
fitting or have high necklines create the same illusion. Vertical prins can also help extend the petite figure.


Last but not least we have slender. Slender body types have thin frames. Fitted dresses look stunning on the body type. As well as empire waists, asymmetrical necklines, belted waists, or dresses that feature a slit.
Now we can talk about different colors and their meanings.

The Color


Because it comes in so many different hues, blue looks great on everyone. The color's versatility is what makes it so popular.


Red is a sultry, sexy color that also provides a look of sophistication. This color works for a variety of skin tones, making it another popular color for prom.


While this color is typically associated with a wedding. However many girls choose to wear it for their prom. It’s an easily accessorized color that pairs wonderfully with rich skin tones.


Black is a popular dress color for prom because of its ability to help hide flaws. Black fabric can make your figure appear slimmer and it’s an easy color to accessorize.


These colors have become increasingly popular. Pastel colors create a fun and flirty look for prom.

Jewel Tones

These dark, romantic colors look stunning on a variety of skin tones, making them extremely popular for prom. Burgundy, emerald, navy, and deep purple are very common jewel tones for prom dresses.


From champagne to eggshell and blush, neutral hues are very popular colors for prom. If you’re looking for a neutral prom dress, it’s important to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.


Shining, shimmering prom dresses have always been popular. Many people seek dresses made with fabrics that offer a sheen or dresses that feature a lot of embellishments and bead work.

What Color Fits Me

Dark Skin

Any bright jewel tone or pastel color will compliment dark skin tones and make a dark complexion pop. Rich shades, like gold and copper, also work well with deep skin tones. Stay away from shades of brown and black, as these can completely wash out dark skin tones.

Medium Skin

Jewel colors compliment medium skin tones and bring out skin’s warm undertones. Anything in the blue or green family looks great on medium skin, specifically emerald and turquoise. Other jewel colors for medium skin tones include ruby, sapphire, and amethyst. It’s best to stay away from shades of brown, beige, and orange, as these colors can wipe out your complexion. Also avoid wearing pastels, as these colors tend to bring out gray undertones in your skin.

Olive Skin

Olive skin tones have it made and can wear almost any color. Bright shades of pink and coral look best on this skin tone. If you’re looking to bring out the brown undertones of olive skin, wear any shade of green. Shades of orange and vibrant reds also compliment olive skin complexions. Be careful about wearing neutral colors like beige or tan. These colors don’t work as well as vibrant colors and can make the skin appear dull.

Warm Light Skin

If you fall into the warm undertone fair skin category look for earthy tones, like browns and greens. Neutral colors like beige, navy, and gray will also work well with warm, fair skin. Stay away from brightly colored dresses, like neon colors. It’s also a good idea to stay away from drastic colors like black and white.

Cool Light Skin

If you fall into the cool undertone fair skin category. Look at shades of red and pink. Peachy hues work best, but jewel tones also work well with fair skin. Avoid metallic colors as they can wash out fair skin. If you’re set on metallic, opt for gold over silver. Pale shades of yellow and purple can wash out the skin.

How to Wear Your Hair

How you wear your hair is all in the look you are going for. Some girls want to wear their hair down and some want to wear it up. Updos can be important for prom because it keeps your hair out of your face. There are looks like the half up half down, this keeps hair out of your face but can also give you the elegant look. Girls with really long hair sometimes struggle putting it up so they curl or straighten it. If your dress has a very stylish back I recommend an updo. If you are ready to toss your hair around and show it off, I'd leave it down. If you're a dancer who's ready to party your heart out go for a half up half down.


Use your prom dress as inspiration for your dress. Match the colors to your eyes or lips. Do a couple makeup tests before prom to see what you like. Do a couple photo tests to make sure it looks good on camera. Test out fake lashes beforehand they can make your eyes pop! Weeks before prom start your moisturizing routines, face masks, and hair mask.



Just like your makeup, your nails should reflect your dress. Some girls like to do simple nails or classic nails french tips are a go to. You could do the same color as your dress or if you have a simple dress you could go all out on your nails. It's in your best interest to get your nails done before the prom day. The bay dofre is a good time because there is less of a chance for them to get messed up. Most people lean toward one of five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed. Though other blended combinations of these shapes exist, these five are the most common.


If you are wearing an updo, wearing drop earrings is a classy look. Statement necklaces look great with strapless dresses. Weaning simple jewelry with dresses that are already bold. Make sure you wear something comfortable and something that suits you. Don't layer up on statement necklaces. You can wear more than one necklace but only one should be bigger.


Let's be honest you are probably only gonna wear your shoes for the fancy pictures. Most girls aren't going to wear their shoes while they are dancing. However heels can really make the outfit. Nude, black, and silver shoes are all classy looks for almost any color dress. Some people want their shoes to be the main attraction at prom. It's also become very popular to wear sneakers to prom, or boots. Some couples even get matching shoes. Thank you for reading my guide to finding the perfect prom look! I hope you enjoyed and learned more about how to make your prom look the best it can be. Please remember you can get all of your prom needs from Savvi Prom!
- Allison Iliffe,
The Head Brand Ambassador at Savvi Prom